Our Products



Tough Glass has a fully automated flat glass and laminated glass cutting line with a fully automated loading system from LISEC. With such a state of the art system in place, this has allowed us to maximise on productivity and efficiently deliver products to our customers with high quality standards.

We have two LISEC cutting tables with an automated LISEC glass stock management system (loading machine) which caters to both the tables. Our LISEC glass stock management system is suitable for standard line configuration to handle glass 4mm to 19mm

Our LISEC cutting tables ensure quality and accurate flat cutting. With a series of pneumatic lifting timing belts for the loading of the loader and the unloading in the glass processing area, allows the possibility of implementing any complex cutting scheme including straight cut and shape cut options. It is also possible to adjust the cutting parameters directly from our computer systems and the configuration can be memorised with association to the type of glass. This way the cutting quality is excellent and consistent, which means we maintain a good glass breakout quality.



Tough Glass provides a quality polishing service with two polishing machines catering to your polished requirements. We have two Bottero Victralux 110FC straight line edgers.

Straight Line polisher for edging with arrises. The presence of 3 diamond grinding wheels on the edge allows working glass that is up to 50 mm thick and a minimum of 40mm x 40mm. The cerium oxide felt in the last position ensures an excellent brilliant finish for the profile. Quality is ensured at all stages of production with automatic regulation of the polishing wheels when the glass thickness changes.


Tough Glass provides a high quality bevelling service with our automatic straight line Bottero Vision 910P Bevelling machine. The 910P is able to produce a bevel of up to 40 mm in height. In a single pass, the machine produces the bevel and a full pencil edge grind on the edge of the glass.


Tough Glass provides high quality Mitres with our automatic straight line Bottero Variant 810BC Mitre machine. This model is suited for production which mainly involves flat edges and arrises, but who from time to time need to produce edges inclined up to 45°. The arrangement of the grinding wheels (6 on the tilting side and 4 fixed wheels for arrises), allow working up to 3 surfaces for each stroke.


With our 2 state of the art fully automatic Intermac Master 43 work centre’s we are able to process glass up to 3850mm x 2230mm. Our cnc’s 28 automatic tool holders ensure we have the right tool for the right job, and that the glass is processed seamlessly once loaded onto the bed. The Master 43 is a 3 axis work centre that can fully process glass to a high quality finish. To ensure accuracy when processing on the cnc we also have our laser device to detect geometric templates, and to assist positioning of the loaded glass.

Water Jet

Our Silverline waterjet cutting table is designed and engineered to ensure maximum accuracy, reliability and durability.

This technology uses extremely high pressure to focus ordinary water through a jewel orifice into a fine stream. This stream carries powdered garnet, which can cut through almost any material. Glass can be cut quickly and cleanly, without heat.

Water jet cutter max size 4900mm x 1800mm.


Tough Glass understand that time is important and costs money. Our experienced and professional dispatch team ensure that, products are delivered on time with careful planning using our dispatch and route planning software. We have a fleet of vehicles that can service all of Perth metropolitan areas.

Site deliveries can be made direct on Certified ‘A’ Frames for crane lifting or forklift off-loading.

Out of hours and weekend deliveries are available, for further details please contact us.