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Annealed Glass

Clear Glass

Normal annealed (float) Glass. Produced internationally and nationally by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite, and limestone together to produce a continues ribbon which flows from a Furnace and “Floats” over a bed of molten tin, which is then carefully cooled to “Anneal” the glass.

Low Iron Glass

Annealed glass where the iron content from the Sand used in making glass is removed, giving it a clearer purer colour. Normal annealed glass has a green hue to it, which comes from the iron content. Low iron glass provides maximum transparency and clarity by providing a crystal clear glass. When painted low iron glass represents particular light colours more accurately than traditional clear glass.

Tinted Glass

Annealed glass made by adding metal oxides to the float glass process.

Obscure Glass

Annealed glass where one side is treated with an acid etch to produce a non-reflective matt satin finish.

Pattern Glass

Annealed glass which involves embossing a pattern into the glass while semi molten through rollers prior to annealing.


Annealed glass which is coated with a silver layer then a copper layer and two coats of backing paint to seal. This provides greater resistance to natural corrosion, helping to minimise the problems of black edges and spot faults, and also gives additional protection from steam, moisture and chemicals.